Week in Review: A Closer Look at Our Latest Updates and Improvements

Week in Review: A Closer Look at Our Latest Updates and Improvements

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Hello there! 🙂👋

We hope you're coming off the back of a productive week. Our Dev Team certainly is! So, let's deep dive into the latest features and improvements we've been working tirelessly on, shall we?

Advancements in Live Chat Features

Live chat has always been a critical part of our platform, and we've taken steps to make it even better.

The Power of Conversation Starter

The conversation starter feature received a significant boost this week. Enabled, every fresh reply or message from a bot user automatically opens the conversation. If the conversation is relegated to the "Done" folder, and the bot user contacts again, the conversation will move back to the "Open" folder. Want to delve into the details? Read all about it here.

A New Popular Player on the Block: Chatwoot

Chatwoot has been gaining popularity, so we made sure you have all the necessary tools to connect to it with ease. Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials can be found here.

Updated JivoChat Integration Documentation

In light of some changes at JivoChat's end, our documentation has been updated accordingly. Now you can always have the most recent instructions at your fingertips. Check out the updated documentation here.

Discover the Magic of Boomerangme

Did you know that Boomerangme and UChat can work together to provide a loyalty system directly within your chatbots? Well, they can! Don't believe us? Check out this insightful webinar replay where Matthew and the founder of Boomerangme discuss all the potential use cases.

Did you miss any of these updates?

In case you missed it, we released the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature to all users last week. This exciting feature enables the synchronization of data from the same user across any channel they interact with. Discover how it works here

Simultaneously, we improved the process of creating custom fields. You can now create custom fields directly from the "set variable value" action. This enhancement speeds up data saving into new custom fields.

Smoothing Out the Variable Insertion Process

We've also improved how variables are inserted. We've tackled some pesky issues that caused the cursor to jump to the end of the text box, both upon insertion and deletion of variables.

Upcoming Content to Enhance Your Chatbot Experience

We have a trove of content lined up for the coming week. Our aim? To help you understand our features better, avoid common chatbot building mistakes, and show you some fantastic use cases. Stay tuned to our community group where we'll post new content as soon as it goes live!

In the next weekly roundup, we're excited to share our progress and further improvements. For now, have a great day, and stay productive!

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