Empower Your Chatbots with JavaScript: A Non-Coder's Guide

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Ready to level up your chatbots without getting lost in complicated code? Let's dive into how JavaScript can give your chatbot a boost, even if you're not a coding expert. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Let's dive in and discover how you can leverage JavaScript to enhance your chatbots effortlessly.

Taking your chatbots to the next level using javascript as non-coder

Unveiling the Power of JavaScript for Chatbots

JavaScript might seem daunting, but don't worry! Thanks to AI, you can tap into its power without needing to write any code yourself. Let's explore some awesome ways you can use it together.

-You can find JavaScript Function into Action Node -> Advance Actions

1. Random Password API Key Generator

Ever found yourself needing a super-secure password or API key in a hurry? JavaScript has got your back. With a straightforward script, you can create unique passwords every time your chatbot runs. No need to worry about security – just click a button and let AI work its magic.

Prompt: Generate a random password with a total length of 21 characters, including a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.            

The Code generated by AI: 

const characters = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!@#$%^&*()-_=+[]{}|;:,.<>?';  let password = '';    for (let i = 0; i < 21; i++) {      const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * characters.length);      password += characters[randomIndex];  }    return password;

2. Email Format Checker

Make sure your chatbot handles emails like a pro with JavaScript. By verifying email formats, you can prevent mistakes and ensure smooth communication channels. And with AI by your side, you can create the perfect script customized to your requirements.

Prompt: I need to be able to check the given email and see if the format is correct. It needs to meet the following conditions: - there need to be at least 2 characters in front of @ sign  - @ sign must be included - domain extension must be included.

The Code generated by AI: 

if (emailToCheck.match(/^\w{2,}@[\w\.-]+\.\w+$/)) {      return true;  } else {      return false;  }

3. Phone Number Formatter

JavaScript can simplify the task of standardizing phone number formats effortlessly. Whether it's for SMS or WhatsApp, make sure your chatbot consistently gets it right with a script generated by AI.

Prompt: I need to convert the given phone number into the correct format using the following conditions: - country must be present which is +36 - the leading number after country code is 7. - Any number in front of the leading number and after country code needs to be removed.

The Code generated by AI:

function formatNumber(number){// Remove all non-numeric charactersnumber = number.replace(/\D/g,'');// Ensure the Starts with 3671if (number.startsWith('36')){    number = number.substring(2);}// Find the first occurrence of 7 and formatlet indexOf7= number.indexOf('7');if (indexOf7 !== -1){number = '367' + number.substring(indexOf7 +1);} else {number = '367' +number;}return '+' + number;}return(formatNumber(number));

4. Date and Time Formatting

Enhance your chatbot responses to be more user-friendly by intelligently formatting date and time. With JavaScript, you can present information in various formats, catering to different preferences. AI-generated scripts make this process super easy.

Prompt: I need to convert the given date and time into 5 different formats meeting the following conditions: - Date must be included - Time be included - the use of am and pm are preferred in one of the provided formats.

The Code Generated By AI: 

const dateTime = new Date(time);const format1 = dateTime.toLocaleString();const format2 = dateTime.toISOString();const format3 = dateTime.toLocaleString('en-US', { hour: 'numeric', minute: 'numeric', hour12: true });const format4 = dateTime.toLocaleString('en-US', { month: 'long', day: 'numeric', year: 'numeric', hour: 'numeric', minute: 'numeric', hour12: true });const format5 = dateTime.toLocaleString('en-US', { weekday: 'long', month: 'long', day: 'numeric', year: 'numeric', hour: 'numeric', minute: 'numeric', second: 'numeric', hour12: true });return [format1, format2, format3, format4, format5];

5. Order Details Formatter

JavaScript can effortlessly transform raw order data into visually appealing overviews. With AI's help, you can define the structure you desire and let the script handle the rest of the work.


Convert the order payload into a nicely formatted order overview recipt. it needs the following kind of overview:

Here is your Order overview of order with id:


Product name: insert product name

Quantity : insert quantity




Loop through all the products and like above

the end of overview with subtotal and total of the entrire order.

The Code Generated By AI: 

let orderOverview = Here is your Order overview of order with ID: ${Order.id}\n;let total = 0;const vor=JSON.parse(Order);vor.items.forEach(product => {    orderOverview += Product name: ${product.name}\n;    orderOverview += Quantity: ${product.num}\n; // Assuming quantity is stored in 'num' property    orderOverview += Subtotal: ${product.subtotal}\n; // Assuming subtotal is already calculated    total += product.subtotal; // Assuming subtotal is already calculated    orderOverview += ------------------------------------\n;});orderOverview += Total: ${total};return orderOverview;

Putting It All Together

By now, you've seen how JavaScript can completely change your chatbot game, even if coding isn't your forte. With AI-generated scripts, you can achieve advanced functionalities without breaking a sweat, allowing your chatbots to perform at their best.

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