Unlocking New Horizons with UChat: A Deep Dive into This Week’s Rollouts!

Unlocking New Horizons with UChat: A Deep Dive into This Week’s Rollouts!

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Every week, we promise to inject a fresh dose of innovation into your UChat experience. This week is no exception. Dive in with us as we explore the new features, enhancements, and opportunities designed just for you!

UChat is giving back!

For the past 2 years we have received so much love, support and feedback that allowed us to really transform UChat into the platform it is today and for that we want to thank you

We are starting giveaways and the first one is actually live right now!

If you like to win some amazing prizes, and spread the love about UChat just press here to go to the post with more details right now!

🌍 Translation Addon for Partners: Speak the Global Language!

In the world of chatbots, the message is only as powerful as its delivery. Understanding the nuances of regional languages and dialects can make or break the user experience. With our newly launched Translation Addon, we're erasing borders!


  • Rename sections as per your convenience.

  • Translate them into any language or accent, offering a more personalized touch for your audience.

Use Case: Imagine you’re a business located in Spain, but you have clients in Mexico. While both regions speak Spanish, there are distinct differences in terminology and phrasing. This addon can bridge that gap, ensuring clearer communication.

Here is a more detailed overview of how to use the new addon

⏳ Feature Rate Limit: Take Control of the User Experience

The digital realm is vast, and sometimes users can get overwhelmed. Our Feature Rate Limit is all about managing user interactions and ensuring a balanced engagement.


  • Set a limit on specific actions within a defined time interval.

  • Control and monitor access to particular features of your chatbot.

Use Case: Let's say you offer a premium feature where users can generate AI-designed images. With the Rate Limit, you can allow them to access this feature, say, twice a day. This ensures a fair distribution of resources and prevents system overloads. Have a more detailed look below

🌐 Google Maps API: Navigating the Future of Engagement

Location plays a crucial role in customer engagement, and we're making it central to the UChat experience. With the integration of the Google Maps API, the world is now at your fingertips!


  • Direct customers to your nearest outlets.

  • Calculate the exact distance between two spots.

  • Offer step-by-step route directions.

Use Case: A cafe chain can now guide its customers to the nearest outlet based on their current location, enhancing customer experience and boosting footfall.

🚀 Enhancements That Uplift Your Chatbot Experience

  • 🤔 No Match for Text Type Question Node: Earlier, any unmatched input could halt your chatbot. Now, with the No Match option, the flow continues uninterrupted. For instance, if a user types an emoji instead of a text response, your bot will smoothly transition to the next step.

  • 📸 Instagram's Fresh Button Makeover: Instagram content creators can rejoice! With the newly introduced support for text nodes with buttons, your message won't get cut off. A fashion influencer, for instance, can now share a detailed product review with a direct purchase link button, without any truncation worries.

  • 🌐 WhatsApp Cloud’s Double Delight:

    1. Text + Website Type Button: Engage users by sharing external links directly within your messages. For example, share a blog post link seamlessly without needing multiple buttons.

    2. The All-New Catalog Message: Display your products in style! For e-commerce businesses, similar to the single product message so do try it out!

  • 🌍 Custom Field Updates: Need to personalize your chatbot further? Modify the system fields like country, region, or city, offering a more region-centric user experience.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so does UChat. We're committed to ensuring that your chatbot experience is always a notch above the rest. Join us every week as we unravel new features, offer insights, and strive to make your UChat journey memorable.

Until next time, keep innovating and stay UChatting!

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