Keeping the momentum

Keeping the momentum

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We are so fortunate to have a dedicated team that works around the clock to provide new features, documentation, videos, and support, and as things just keep on going we want to make sure you keep up to date with Everything that is happening.

So are you ready to catch up with all that UChat has been cooking up for you?

Let's get going then!

An amazing list of new updates!

Well let's say that we have not stopped with making the platform better each and every day for you, and we have the updates to proof it so let's have a look.

WhatsApp message delivery failure in live chat

It will be more clear than ever whenever a message has been failed to be delivered to a bot user. the text message will now contain a red background indicating the delivery of that specific message has failed. It allows you to act upon to for example check the phone number, check any relevant error log to figure out what went wrong for that user.

Pretty helpful right?

Get Chat History endpoint updated

Previously it was only possible to get the chat history by using the user ns id, which is a specific id created for every bot user. Upon request we now added this to also be made possible using the user id as well.

Makes it just that bit easier for people who prefer to use that instead!

5 new system fields added

As UChat is being used not only as a simple chatbot platform anymore but more and more as a full-blown CRM we added some more system fields to help manage your leads just a bit better. The following fields have been added:

  • lead_source

  • lead_status

  • department

  • interest

  • market

Bot user overview drag and drop features

In order to help with managing the bot user overview we provided the feature you can now drag and drop the columns into place much easier

This allows you to not only select which columns are important to you but also create the bot user overview of your own preference and order.

Talking about flexibility 🔥🔥🔥

Agent segments to search for bot users (Partner addon)

we made it easier for agents to create their own segments for bot users.

You can save any kind of segment as per your preference.

Once saved these segments will then become available in the bottom left corner.

And you can just switch between segments which will enable the filters placed on that specific segment. It allows for easy management between several ticket overviews and the best part is you can do this on a workspace level meaning you can have an overview from all the bots combined

You have to admit that is pretty cool right 😁

Google Gemini has been added

We released Google Gemini natively inside of UChat. A fantastic AI platform that you can use besides the already native integration with OpenAI.

It has great new potential and you can not only use it for chat conversational replies but also use their vision model to check the contents of images!

Importing Shortcuts

Shortcuts are great for having quick access to information you send out often. Since it is the same everything you only have to type the shortcut and from there you need the corresponding text is automatically filled into the live chat, ready to be sent.

The creation of shortcuts however can be time-consuming so to help with that we enabled the import function

This can speed up the process greatly because you can import by csv file, meaning you can create a google sheet and from there just download it as csv file and import it directly into UChat.

Closing notes

This is a fantastic feature that allows agents to give a topic to the conversations when moving them to the done folder. These topics can be pre-defined and then used when the conversation gets finalized. You can also add summaries and attachments which will help keeping the context of the agent conversation with the user.

Final great piece is the ability to view analytics on these topics. It can help you improve your processes by giving you insights why customer support is being contacted and which topics are used the most.

You can find the closing notes by going to content from your chatbot menu

New triggers

We have added two new triggers:

  • Moved to board trigger -› allows you to start an automation whenever the bot user is moved between boards or columns

  • Error logged trigger -› this will let you keep track of any error inside your error log and from there start an automation.

Folders for tags

Upon request, we now added folders to be able to manage your tags a bit better

This now allows you to store tags more efficiently and keep better track of the overall chatbot

WhatsApp flows out of beta

Since the beta has gone so well we have removed it and released WhatsApp flows fully now. Currently it is only available for WhatsApp Cloud directly but we will soon update it to also support com(dot)bot.

Live chat UI update

We have updated the UI of the live chat section where you can now also hide the user profile if you fully want to focus on the conversations only.

Just press the i icon next to the user's name and you will be able to hide the right profile panel without any issues

New API endpoints added

We have added 4 new API endpoints regarding WhatsApp message templates:

This allows you to dynamically send, delete or sync WhatsApp message templates to your bot users if you want to trigger this externally outside of UChat. You can find the API here

Set timezone action

Some channels do not have the ability to automatically fetch the user timezone. In such cases we added a new action where you can set the timezone.

Change Custom URL target

Upon request we added the ability to change the custom URL target inside of the live chat settings. Custom URL is very useful for example to directly connect to the CRM or ESP if they allow i-framing. We now give you the ability on how that is being displayed

Webchat typing effect

This was a very popular request. We added a new feature to the webchat where you can now enable the typing effect. it will show as if the chatbot is actually typing the replies. You can find this by going to the webchat widget settings, then choosing features:

Error log new filter added

As the new feature error log trigger has a rate limit of 1 error per bot user per hour you might want to only trigger it based off certain errors happening only inside of your chatbot. You can now do this with the addition of the new provided filter

This will ensure you only use this trigger for the most important errors happening.

Facebook Lead Form automation

We added a new automation option under the automation section of the your chatbot called Facebook Lead Forms. This will allow you to dynamically capture new input from leads on your Instant forms. You can start automations, add the leads to your CRM or whatever you like to do after.

A video walkthrough has been released today so have a look;

Wanna Watch and Learn?

Well we got you covered there as well!

Let's go over the videos we recorded for you besides the above Facebook Leads Form one.

Google Gemini Release

With the new API released natively inside of UChat we of course could not go without walking you through it from start to finish. So Enjoy;

Having issues with Google Maps?

Well that could very well be you as Google changed a few things since our integration with them. So to be sure you can use it properly we recorded an updated video for you;

WhatsApp Embed Signup

As we are close to release this amazing feature we recorded a video on the new way for you to sign up for new WhatsApp cloud accounts. It has been made so much easier!

No more app creation, token expiry, and well..... just watch the below video 😁

Error Log handling

We already briefly touched base on this update but we wanted to make sure you get the most out of this feature. So we recorded a video for you going over the various steps and options you have;

Want to dynamically create QR codes?

No Problem!

Since a few users asked about this we wanted to make sure you have the step by step process needed to get this done within just minutes;

Forget visuals! Where are the docs?

We will not disappoint you on this topic either as we have been working on adding more documentation to our already extensive knowledgebase.

Curious about what's been added? Let's have a look!

Branded app guide for WhatsApp embedded signup (Partners)

For our partners we created an extensive step by step guide on how to create your own app for the new embed signup feature. When your clients connect it will show your branding all around. So have a check if you are interested

Whitelabel Mobile Apps guide (Partners)

We updated and provided a guide on how to get your own whitelabel mobile apps published and what kind of information we need from you in order to deliver the correct files you can submit for publication.

You can read all about it here

Setting up your 360dialog webhook

Some users have issues in setting up their webhook when using the 360dialog account as it might be difficult to find where to exactly do this. We have a step by step walkthrough on how to do this directly inside your chatbot.

Now how Cool is that huh?

Check it out here

How to use the rate limit feature

A very cool feature inside of UChat is the rate limit. It allows you to determine how many times a user is allowed to go through certain steps.

How to use this and how to set it up you can find in this detailed documentation

Using functions with ChatGPT

One of the more advanced features is using functions inside of chat completions with OpenAI. But this not mean it should be difficult to follow and set up.

We prepared a detailed guide on how to do just that right here

That's a wrap!

So what do you think? Were we able to keep the momentum in just the last 3-4 weeks and keep making UChat the best platform out there for you to build your business on?

We will let you be the judge of that but in the meantime we will keep on pushing with our team with the same passion and dedication to provide you with the best features and integrations!

Until next time.....

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